So your bail bonds saved you and you survived trial. If you are searching for a new job, and you want to apply your experience from the justice system, do consider the correctional facility options. There’s plenty you’ll want to know about this job, like how much they earn, what jobs are going to be open, and when you quit working, specifics about other benefits. Here is all you want to know about this place, so keep reading to learn more.

What is required to apply for employment with a correctional officer

There are numerous things that you will need to know about the work of the correctional facility and what may be needed when you apply. If you want to apply for this job, some of the key steps that will be taken include:

When you’ve gotten through all this, you will start to gain more and more experience by working in jail. The more experience you have in the job, the more promotions you will receive and begin making more money.

There are, however, some positions that you might have held before that will help you get one of the jobs in the correctional facility without having a college degree, especially if you want to get a higher position than just starting out. The following are some of these jobs:

If you have some background in these positions, then without having to get a bachelor’s degree, you can easily apply for one of these positions and get the higher ones. In terms of getting another job open at the same place or even having the requisite experience to help you achieve a bit more seniority or raise pay, these positions will help you.

Data on wages and benefits

Another thing most people want to hear about is what pay and other advantages are for the correctional officer. In 2012 , the average salary for those holding these positions was about $39,040, although that would have increased over the years. Workers in the lowest 10 percent category of workers earned nearly $27,000, while those in the highest 10 percent bracket receive more than $69,000. The amount you earn depends on the amount of hours you work a week and what stage you are at.

Often, because you are working for either a federal prison or a state prison, some excellent protection is another thing you are going to get. One of the advantages of working in correctional facilities is having better health benefits at cheaper rates, which will carry over into the period that you don’t work. Before you start applying for the job, make sure you are thinking about this and that you know what will be needed.

Duties and duties of Correctional Officer

If you are applying for one of the many correctional facility positions, another thing that you will need to remember is what the responsibilities and duties of this role are. There are some of these that include:

Rehabilitation of the suspects
These are only a few of the many roles you will be able to have in this role when it comes to working. Before applying, you can make sure that you know what the duties are going to be, so that you can be sure that you can manage them and know what you’d have to do.

Promotion Chances

There will be plenty of chances for you to lift the pay of your present or prospective correctional officer when it comes to promotions. You can begin at the lowest level of employee positions, but you may gain seniority in your job over time. Also, you can look at other roles in the same field, such as nurse, doctor, warden and much more, if you continue with your education. You should make sure that what you want to do is set targets so that you can improve what you gain and get a better role.

Pension and Retirement details

The pensions of correctional officers are going to be dependent on various state standards and before you apply, you can inquire about this. However, before you can start using the correctional officer retirement package, the average time span you need to serve is 20 years, or if you are 62 years old, then you need to serve for the prison for at least 10 years. The sum you would earn would be dependent on your level of experience and what the various types of payments would be. The total revenue of someone who has quit the job with around 20 years of service, however, is about $2,000.

You may need to know about the correctional officer retirement package if you are thinking about getting a career in this field. You should also recognize, though, the duties you will have, including watching over the prisoners, writing reports, and much more. Ensure that if you want to have a good one and one that will have you the best in correctional officer pensions depending on the state and place you are working with, you are thinking of this as a potential profession.